From 1981 until 1998 I owned and operated Madrona Knives. I was a one-woman custom knifemaking shop, producing kitchen knives from Russel blanks as well as fully custom hunting, fishing, utility, and rigging knives.

My work was perhaps best known from my rigging knives; Sam Devlin, in his book “Devlin’s Boat Building Book,” mentions my work. I still get inquiries from folks asking where they can get a good rigging knife. Currently Devlin is selling a rigging knife made for him by a Port Townsend maker. Check out his website here.

Myerchin is still the only commercial maker of good quality, fixed-blade rigging knives that I know of. They are available through marine and fisherman’s supply houses.

I have plans to release my knife patterns at some point in the future, but I don’t have any idea when I might do so.

Best Regards,
Adrienne Adams