November is always a good time to take stock and start thinking about the New Year: the days are short, the weather awful, and there’s not much point in getting too far into new projects right before the holidays. This November found me finally, after too many years to mention without embarrassment, sitting down and rebuilding my own website. It’s an all-too-common occurrence:

“Les cordonniers sont les plus mal chauss├ęs.”

So, here in all its WordPress-y goodness, is a long-overdue new incarnation of my website. I’ll be adding a portfolio of my past work, plus a few goodies.

I plan on devoting more time to my personal blog, Curvirostra. My personal interests range widely (a bit too widely, much of the time) but the theme of Curvirostra is “Nature and Culture, Consorting” so expect some nature, some culture, and how those two elements come together.

I will also be working to bring a very special project to fruition. Stay tuned!